Politics Can Really Kill the Mood

So have having a really nice rolling start on NaNoWriMo, I got hit with depression after the USA Elections. The useless depression where all you feel is a need to survive, draining every drop of creativity. And so that killed NaNoWriMo for me. It’s taken me some time to get over it, and the voices are starting to come back, despite the rapid colds tearing its way through the household and physical injury that makes working at a computer a challenge.

On the upside, Christmas Holiday’s were very lovely, and certainly a healthy end to one very sad year. 2016 was not the worst year for me, but it definitely wasn’t entirely the best. Favorite actors and musicians passed on, the politics this year were brutal. Not to mention the chaos of my personal life of a lot of job changing and the insecurity that comes with.

2017 however welcomes good thing. Which include a new page in a new book. Time to put aside 2016 and start writing the stories of 2017.

NaNoWriMo 2016

Stories don’t always come easily to writers. Sometimes we get major writers block, and it leaves us struggling to find words. Sometimes I have to sit on an idea for months before the simplest of synopsis comes to me, while other times I have a character that is so chatty that words just can’t be written fast enough.

I have on character I’m co-writing a story with that is now letting a few other muses spring forward. Including two short stories, and now my NaNoWriMo story. It’s taken me til day 6 to find the right muse I wanted to work with, and I must credit my friend Matt who helped me find it.

Here is to 50,000 works in 30 24 days!



Vacations are not always helpful

A change of scenery is a relatively helpful tool in kick-starting a muse. Vacation can be the perfect starter to really get you motivated into exploring the tones and nuances that could inspire that next voice in your prose.

However, when that vacation involves a lot of family meetings and looking after two very young kids finding free time to even settle into a bit of a writing is quite difficult. While I can knit some things because it is socially acceptable when keeping the company of others, finding a corner with your headset, or even doodling notes on a notepad just encourages frowns and questions you do not necessarily want to share the answers for.

No, the past week and half of vacation was not helpful in getting any writing done. I suspect it will be easier for it to be more acceptable once I have a few books published. #lifegoals

I will persist. Life will continue but I will carve within it a piece for me to find the words I want to speak. Exploring the idea of writing for publication instead of just writing for me has its own novelty to it. Now I need to make sure that I keep the pace moving forward and improve the efficiency of that time I DO get for writing.

Starting a Routine

The hardest part about starting to write is building a routine that allows you the time to write. Beyond that it rolls into discipline, inspiration and a bunch of other things that start to become easier as a routine becomes set.

Building a new routine is like building a new habit. Rumors of “just do it 21 times!” were quite popular. And while it has been debunked, suggesting that a new habit takes up to 2 months, it can be funny what you can convince your mind to believe. I personally live by the rules of 3.

3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months. 3 days to adjust, 3 weeks to settle, 3 months to grow.

Those that know me well would probably find it funny that I attribute things to the number 3. 2 (or 22) is my lucky number, but 3, 5, 7 and 13 are important numbers that often work their way into various aspects of lore writing and even magic.

Building a routine is hard. Especially when there are other things in life that keep that routine a challenge from happening. From spousal support, needy children, social obligations and even the infamous writers block that will give you every excuse in the world not to write.

I’m starting small. 1k-2k words a day. If I struggle I plan to drop it to 500 words a day. This isn’t NaNoWriMo, and I am not going to write a novel in a month (even if I have, twice). Responsibilities has made that impossible for the time being. But goals are just as important too.

Like a new bottle of wine when hitting 10k words. For us moms, that’s a realistic goal and reward.

Trouble with writing is that I’m currently in the research phase. Reading, note-taking. Hopefully after a few solid weeks of research I will come back from vacation and really buckle down. Hopefully. At the very least with a slotted 6 hour escape every friday, with potentially others sporadically during the week a routine will eventually stabilize. If not… Well, it would mean time to start thinking up a new plan. OR force something out of the current one.

Why sort of ways do you get yourself writing within your daily routine? What are some of your distractions?

First Book Status: Structuring Plot – 5%