Muses are a Bear

But not without their ups and downs. While the world around me seems to be falling apart there are a few things that have gone well, and that includes finding more of my words and the voices of my characters. The work to re-define the voice of my teen novel is still taking its time, but the collaborative work is likely to pick up again.

Yes! Collaborative! My best friend and I decided that it was time to try our hand at writing a novel collectively to help us stretch our world building muscles. We have certainly made more progress on that then I have on the teen novel.

The romance novel is on a minor halt while I re-align the timeline. That, and apparently my need to have strong heroines may shoot me in the foot if I don’t start adding the illusion of fantasy.. or something. (I have it written down in my journal that is inconveniently not at my desk.) I can certainly make the novel work with a little simplification of what I started with.

Must. Not. Overthink. Plot.

Which is funny since most often than not the characters write the plot sooner than I have decided it. Joys of being a discovery writer, I suppose.