Vacations are not always helpful

A change of scenery is a relatively helpful tool in kick-starting a muse. Vacation can be the perfect starter to really get you motivated into exploring the tones and nuances that could inspire that next voice in your prose.

However, when that vacation involves a lot of family meetings and looking after two very young kids finding free time to even settle into a bit of a writing is quite difficult. While I can knit some things because it is socially acceptable when keeping the company of others, finding a corner with your headset, or even doodling notes on a notepad just encourages frowns and questions you do not necessarily want to share the answers for.

No, the past week and half of vacation was not helpful in getting any writing done. I suspect it will be easier for it to be more acceptable once I have a few books published. #lifegoals

I will persist. Life will continue but I will carve within it a piece for me to find the words I want to speak. Exploring the idea of writing for publication instead of just writing for me has its own novelty to it. Now I need to make sure that I keep the pace moving forward and improve the efficiency of that time I DO get for writing.