PROMPT: solivagant

1. a lone wanderer
2. characterized by lone wandering

Writing Prompt: Write a 100-250 word introduction that you would find on an amazon/goodreads page.

You are welcome to share in the comments, your own blog, or keep to yourself. If you do post it elsewhere, please share!

1 thought on “PROMPT: solivagant”

  1. Teen Romance/General:

    My name is Katrina _____, and I am the Avatar of Ophelia. It can have it’s perks, becoming the next version of an ancient legend. Aside the tragic death part. High School is hard enough for any teen let alone knowing your death is looming over your head. Tragic, lonely and possibly by drowning. No, there is always drowning. This is why I don’t take baths. (Hard to drown in a shower, right?)

    Prom is coming up, and I still haven’t found a date. Problem is they picked the worst possible location. ____ Lake.

    Destiny is a bitch, but I won’t let that stop me! I can avoid a lake, right?

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