Intent and a Novel Idea

November never has played nicely with me. I have lost more Hard Drives, taken more medication in the month of November then I have been successful at NaNoWriMo. This is merely fact. So when I entered this year with a new mindset to instead of focus on the word count but on the intent of writing. The intent of Creating. I have to look back at this month and feel pleased with myself on the small success that I did have.

Not that I avoided anything of the crazy sorts this month. American Thanksgiving, my Husbands Birthday, Job interviewing, and a week and a half long sinus infection. 30,000 is a pretty big damn feat.

Moving forward, knowing that despite it all, I can now set appropriate goals each month and meet them. 20k-30k while working full time is completely doable. No more excuses. But the best thing that came out of all of this? EORA.

I have a world. I have a story. I have characters with voices. And I intend to write them all.

World Building

It was customary that from the moment the sun went down and until the sun went up, the people of Aquene would walk to the Fighter’s Circle without any other light but that of the moon, and take a stand upon those steps in silence. In the silence of the Matron Mother and with the silent voice of the dead would the people of Aquene reflect on those that have come to the Circle and have lost life, and reflect on those lost so that as the sun rose that morning it would welcome the new life and those that would take the challenge to then change their life as the night changed to the day to allow the living their time in the light that has been granted upon them.

There is something therapeutic in world building through the eyes of your characters. After spending a few years incapable of actually focusing on NaNoWriMo and my writing due to the daily needs around me, it is also healing to be able to manage 5 days of writing and able to meet my daily goals. If not the word count but the intent to sit, write, and imagining something new that I have neither read or seen before.

Now that it is past midnight, I am now entering into day 6 with an overall goal of 10k words, maybe, just maybe I got this.

For those of you that are participating, how are you feeling about your goals? Are YOU #writingwithintent? What unique aspect of your worldbuilding has you impressed with yourself?

NaNoWriMo: 8,345 / 50,000

NaNoWriMo 2017

It is that season again, and while I have been a terrible blogger, my intent this NaNoWriMo is to write with INTENT. The word count is a little arbitrary though I will attempt to keep the same daily goal of 1667 regardless. This is the hope of trying to regain the habit of writing and breaking away from my other daily internet habits that do not lead to a completed product.

That being said, I am potentially shifting from {this month} only working a few hours a week to working full time for the same company but in a different store. Also I am being contracted to do a lot of freelance work that will take up a fair bit of my time outside of NaNoWriMo, hence the goal is less about the 50K. 50K would be amazing, I have not hit it in a long time, but realistically writing is not my full time job as much as I would love it to be.

Therefore I would like to invite you to join me in WRITING WITH INTENT, tagging #writewithintent in any social media, and whether you are NaNo-ing or not I would love to have you join me this month, and continuing well past into the new year.

NaNoWriMo: 1,670 / 50,000

Stories, Legends, and Fairytales; oh my!

Found the start of an old story I had abandoned for a small time. Just to give you an idea of some of the more personal stuff I write. That and I have not written here in a while and I promise I haven’t abandoned my dear readers – I have merely been quite busy.

Excerpt requirement was to start with a “beginning” with one of the site’s themes.

Muses are a Bear

But not without their ups and downs. While the world around me seems to be falling apart there are a few things that have gone well, and that includes finding more of my words and the voices of my characters. The work to re-define the voice of my teen novel is still taking its time, but the collaborative work is likely to pick up again.

Yes! Collaborative! My best friend and I decided that it was time to try our hand at writing a novel collectively to help us stretch our world building muscles. We have certainly made more progress on that then I have on the teen novel.

The romance novel is on a minor halt while I re-align the timeline. That, and apparently my need to have strong heroines may shoot me in the foot if I don’t start adding the illusion of fantasy.. or something. (I have it written down in my journal that is inconveniently not at my desk.) I can certainly make the novel work with a little simplification of what I started with.

Must. Not. Overthink. Plot.

Which is funny since most often than not the characters write the plot sooner than I have decided it. Joys of being a discovery writer, I suppose.