Intent and a Novel Idea

November never has played nicely with me. I have lost more Hard Drives, taken more medication in the month of November then I have been successful at NaNoWriMo. This is merely fact. So when I entered this year with a new mindset to instead of focus on the word count but on the intent of writing. The intent of Creating. I have to look back at this month and feel pleased with myself on the small success that I did have.

Not that I avoided anything of the crazy sorts this month. American Thanksgiving, my Husbands Birthday, Job interviewing, and a week and a half long sinus infection. 30,000 is a pretty big damn feat.

Moving forward, knowing that despite it all, I can now set appropriate goals each month and meet them. 20k-30k while working full time is completely doable. No more excuses. But the best thing that came out of all of this? EORA.

I have a world. I have a story. I have characters with voices. And I intend to write them all.