The Convention of Change

This year, since last August, has brought on a lot of change and hardships upon my family. While we have survived much of it, it hasn’t been without out a price. November looked promising, and December just ate away every bit of free time until it came ahead a month ago when my husband lost his job.

32~ish hours a week of work, on a regular and predictable schedule? Writing is doable. Completely so.

40 hours a week on an irregular unpredictable schedule with 3x the commute as the previous job? Faaar less so. From seeing my children to not seeing them all, you can take a few guesses as to what started to take a striking change in my priorities. Truthfully, you only need one guess.

However, with the husband getting hired at a place that offers far more job and financial security, I took a small risk and settled myself back to part-time. (32 hours, but at least it’s only 4 days a week.)

The intent is to make that time to write. Write notes, write lore, write characters, write plots. Write.