Layouts and Updates

Over the next few months, I will be working on cleaning up and re-organizing this website. I like the blog, but as time has told, I am terrible at writing in it regularly. After a change in medication recently, I have come to realize that much of it has been due to low-grade depression that made it difficult to carry projects long-term. It is not something I am good with on a regular basis, it just made things harder.

However, I am doing much better now. This past year has been a lesson in patience, as Covid likely has for many of you. This NaNoWriMo has really kicked my butt into gear as I am working on something new, light, and without the added pressure I usually put on myself when I write a book. I am using outlining, minimal world-building, and word sprints to get myself through the word count – and it’s working! I have hit the hump where I am still working to get past the minimal worldbuilding, but it holds promise.

I have considered a writing Patreon page, purely for sharing chapters, but it will have to come later when the writing process of completing a book is solidified in my mind. For now, enjoy the small changes and sign up for my newsletter! There may be publications to come!

NaNoWriMo: 27,784 / 50,000