Stories, Legends, and Fairytales; oh my!

Found the start of an old story I had abandoned for a small time. Just to give you an idea of some of the more personal stuff I write. That and I have not written here in a while and I promise I haven’t abandoned my dear readers – I have merely been quite busy.

Excerpt requirement was to start with a “beginning” with one of the site’s themes.


It started with just the one word. The one letter. “I” had significance but alone there was nothing there. “I”. I stood alone.

I opened my eyes.

The forest was lush, vibrant and alive. Green as bright as emeralds, and the sky bright with the light of the sun, tree’s that stood tall and underbrush just as thick as the canopy of tree’s but nothing marred the sight. There was energy, it breathed as I took breath, releasing as I released. This place, this forest, was mine, and I belonged to it.

A bird chirped, flittering from one branch the next. It was not the only bird here, I knew this, but it was the first I saw. I watched it, my eyes following it’s movements. I thought of it as a sparrow, or about the size of one, but I did not know my birds. It was only a guess at best. It’s feathers of dark and light grays and just a little red at the edge of it’s orange beak. It was a beautiful bird and at first I thought it was a regular bird, but then it spoke.

“High Queen.” It bowed to me, the bird’s voice light, quiet and sweet. I was confused that it spoke to me, but I have found myself in many different worlds of many different and strange things. So I give it a nod of my head.

“Where am I?” I ask, as could only be natural to ask. I turn to look around, gathering in the depth of the forest but I knew it and it recognized me. There was magic here and it wanted me to touch it. However I hesitated.

“That is for your Majesty to decide, High Queen.”

“What do you mean, treasured bird?”

The bird chirped this time, and it became a normal bird although it’s mannerisms did not physically change. I knew then it could talk, but I needed to decide where I was before those within it knew what they were. I knew then that I was not going to be alone here, and in my heart I felt her. I felt them.

They were mine, in some way they were tied to me, and like I needed a home they too needed a home. I decided then to draw on what I knew and what I wanted to give root to. Legends, Imagination, a history known to so few. A Magic I felt ingrained within me like it had always had been. Before me, as I blinked, a Tower grew. At first it was myst, cloud and malleable, but the Sanctuary was something I knew well. It was familiar to me and it was my home.

It felt like I was only returning, and not simply creating. Yet it felt glorious and I welcomed it as it welcomed me, and together we welcomed our new world.