POEM: Reconnect

Once upon a tile I wrote a lot of poetry. I wove it into stories like song lyrics. It took a bit for me to realize I had not written much in the form of poetry in at least eight years. So I sat down and scribbled a little something. Nothing crazy, but just a trail of thought with a lot of ‘enter’ key hits. Because, you know that is poetry too.

Sometimes the heart finds a hole
Lonely between the stars that surround
When words that fit on paper better than tears
When did the words disappear
Only to be replaced by nothing at all

Mystery that changes with each page turned
There were once stories that touched
That healed the soul
Broke apart the dead so that the heart could grow
Where did the heart go

Where did the words go
Leaving behind a hole among the stars
Alone but not lonely
Lonely but not alone
How can there be both among the stars
Or is it the hole deep in the earth

These are not stars
These are candles flickering
Deep in this dark hole
Paths obscured by the soft glow
Shadows and figures wander aimlessly

When did I forget how to simply dream?